FeralBoy2 (feralboy2) wrote,

Life is so strange...

I've been gone from LJ again. And I've missed it. But it couldn't be helped. And I don't stress over it. It's just nice to come back and read what others have been up to.

That said, things have been rough for me. Moved the folks into an assisted living facility on Sunday. The cost is astronomical, so we'll be selling their house sooner than emotionally viable. Mom's Alzheimer's is now very extreme...along with it, she's experiencing anxiety and daily psychotic breaks. Dad's body is full of fluid, so he had to be admitted to the hospital yesterday. He cried. My sister told me she's thinking about leaving her husband -- not because she doesn't love him or because he's done her wrong, it's just the opposite. It's because with the folks many concerns, she hasn't been able to spend any time with him, and he's been taking care of the house, the bills, etc, in her absence.

I'm trying to work through all this. My contract is EXTREME, but the people I work for are good, and kind, and worthy of respect. I need the money, so I didn't bail on them. It just means that working until 5 in the morning, hopped up on caffeine and Twinkies, is so reminiscent of finals week. Every week has been finals week of one sort or another.

A friend recently told me "there will be plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead". He was talking about himself, but I can relate.

Maybe 2006...(the sleep thing -- hopefully not the dead part!)
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