FeralBoy2 (feralboy2) wrote,

I know the Unknowable...

...cause I've seen the Unseen!!!!

That's right, after months of anticipation and fingernail biting, I finally got my tome (hereafter refered to as "Gargoyle #50") in the mail. This magazine is HUGE, but you don't have to delve too far in for the good stuff. 32 pages, to be exact. That's where Sflore's "poem" lies in wait. It's a great little piece that you'll certainly be more evolved for having read. Succinct, subtle and evocative. Leaves you on just the right note. But it's not her best piece -- I can say this because I've read more -- so it's obvious to me that this is the first of many, many pieces to be published. And eventually, collected!

So, in the inimitable words of Claudia in Interview with the Vampire: "I want some more."
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