FeralBoy2 (feralboy2) wrote,

Got me copy!

Guess what arrived today? You guessed it, Scary Stories Series #003 (I).

So what do I think?

I knew you’d ask. Well, aside from a title that only a monther would remember, it’s actually pretty nice looking. It’s a small book – about the size of a standard paperback. Artwork is decent, though layout is a bit Spartan. Perfect bound, but it's more like a literary magazine than a book. No complaints on actual production value…

Except, well, the font is fairly generous and the total page count is 102 pages – my story alone takes up nearly 40 of those pages. Add in the front matter, and you’re left with about 80-85 pages of material.

For $15 plus $2 shipping and handling!!!

Yes, the publisher is out of his freaking mind. Even if he got them into Barnes and Noble, instead of just on their Web site, no one in their right mind would pay $15 for it! Even at half price, it would be considered way over-priced.

Of course, it does include a story by me.


I think he offers an author discount, but if they cost more than $4 each, I won’t even buy any. Sad. But at least I got one!
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