FeralBoy2 (feralboy2) wrote,

The pen IS mightier than the Fjord

Okay, despite the doom and gloom of my last post, I got the pen working in Frame. And it's working really well. The limitation was more in my head them in Frame. It really isn't a big deal (i.e., TIP must be in place). The stress gets to me sometimes.

The pen is actually a fantastic way of working in Framemaker. Dare I say, easier?

I'm working now, curled up on in an overstuffed chair, the tablet cradled in my lap. If you've never used a tablet, you may be surprised at how accurate the handwriting recognition is. Even with my scrawly script, I get about 95% accuracy.

So no keyboard for the next couple months. Prior to the accident, I was using the pen about 50% of the time. I can double that. The only thing the pen doesn't excel at is speed. It's only as fast as you can write.

By the way, I always use the pen for fiction writing. It's an amazing merger of writing and typing... I write the words in my own hand and the tablet converts them to text in Word. It's like having the best of both worlds.

So the stress is nearly manageable again. I'm working still. My finger is barely sore (not being able to flex it when the other's flex is ouch inducing sometimes). Thanks for all the concern. I'm a meathead.
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