FeralBoy2 (feralboy2) wrote,

Writers with Friends!

Damn, what a fine evening. I enjoyed the hell out of it. It was soo nice seeing each and every one of you, and the show wasn't bad either. Of course, as much as I appreciate Charlie, I so wanted to see him fall on his ass. Those pink platforms were made for it.

My little windows of opportunity open and close really quickly these days, so when it works out so well, it's pretty damn cool. I'm just hoping that window opens for next Saturday -- free fishing day at Vasona! Reality is that my dad is in a clinical trial in Los Angeles, my aunt is visiting to help my sister and I, and I was supposed to be at my parent's house today, but switched Saturdays to go to WWD. So everything is conspiring against me having two Saturdays in a row...but I still have hope.

And then there's my phobia. A couple years ago I would have never revealed it. It's too much like a weakness...it's too much like a character flaw...it's too close to the bone, I guess. But somehow, discussing it here, with only you guys knowing the source of the admission, is totally okay. Even freeing in a way.

Going to Vasona next Saturday would do me a lot of good on so many fronts.

I'm gonna do my best to be there.
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